Explore The Epic World of Vrahode

Players: 1-6

Time: 60-90 min.

Age: 14+

What Is Vrahode?

Vrahode is a board game series and expansive gaming system where players experience huge multi-quest campaigns that sprawl over the heights and depths of this mysterious world!

Players: 1-6

Time: 60-90 min.

Age: 14+

What Rich & Mysterious Journey Will You Uncover?

Experience A Vast New World!

Featuring over 400 Overland, 200 Ocean and an infinite combination of Underland regions, Vrahode offers an exotic, mysterious and dangerous world for you to explore!

With the Vrahode proprietary Harbinger 3D Gaming Terrain System there is no telling how deep into the treacherous Underlands your adventures may go!

Compelling Flora And Fauna!

Every biome in Vrahode offers its own unique wildlife and challenges to test you. Injuries you sustain can cause devastating and lasting effects, forcing you to adapt your strategies.

Fortunately there are useful items, gear and great treasures that can help you weather the dangers, if you seek them out!

Explore Vrahode On Your Terms!

Choose a hero from one of 6 playable races from the nomadic Cautuuk to the reclusive Mahorii, each possessing their own unique racial abilities.

Then choose one of 12 distinct roles or custom create your own as you experience Vrahode your way in campaign mode, single group quests or solo play.

Will You Brave The Perils Of Vrahode?